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Accelerator Launch Coaster
Thrill Level

Experience the thrill of reaching 100km per hour in only two seconds as SUPERMAN propels you forward on the Metropolis Rapid Transit!

Experience the thrill of reaching 100km per hour in only two seconds as SUPERMAN propels you forward on the Metropolis Rapid Transit!


Vertical climbs and high speeds

Riders must be minimum of 140cm and under 196cm

Special effects may be too intense for children & some adults

Belongings need to be placed in lockers

Parent swap available

People with certain medical conditions are prohibited from riding

Excited riders with their hands up, enjoying the thrilling experience on the Superman Escape thrill ride at Warner Bros. Movie World, feeling the rush of high-speed twists and turns

On-Ride Features



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Priority Queuing


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On-Ride Features

Ride Restrictions


Accessible entry via ride entrance

Parent swap available here


Guests with the following

Height less than 140cm or more than 196cm

Recent surgery, illness

Neck, back disorders

Pre-existing limb injuries


Heart disorders, high blood pressure

Under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs

Seizures, epilepsy, vertigo, motion sickness

External medical devices



Eating or drinking

Photography, video

Bare feet - shoes required.

Loose items

Rider Requirements

Riders must be able to:
  • Transfer into a seat independently or with the assistance of a companion

  • Independently maintain an upright position whilst seated

  • Independently support head and neck for the duration of the ride

  • All upper prothesis must be removed

  • Continually grasp the harness supports

  • Have one natural lower limb that extends past the knee joint

  • Absorb sudden and dramatic movements

  • Secure the restraint mechanisms for individual riders

  • Restraint must come in contact with the thighs

If Due To Size, Harness Cannot Lock As Required

Due to the restrictive nature of the harness, some riders may experience difficulty meeting harness requirements.

If you have concerns please see a staff member prior to lining up.






You’ll find Superman Escape here. Straight ahead as you enter the front gate.

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