Ride Restrictions

For the sake of your safety, you need to be a certain height for some of our rides.

Adult Supervision
Items in Pockets Permitted
DC Rivals HyperCoaster 130cm   No
Arkham Asylum 140cm – 200cm No
Green Lantern 140cm – No Max No
Superman Escape 140cm – 196cm No
Doomsday Destroyer 130cm – 200cm No
Batwing Spaceshot 123cm – No Max No
Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster 110cm – No Max <120 cm Yes
Wild West Falls Adventure Ride 95cm – No Max <120 cm Yes
Road Runner Rollercoaster 110cm – No Max <130 cm Yes
Justice League 90cm – No Max <110 cm Yes
Roxy 4D Theatre No restriction Yes
Dodgem Cars 90cm – No Max <130 cm Yes
Junior Driving School 90cm – No Max <100 cm Yes
Carousel No restriction <105 cm Yes
Tweety Cages No restriction < 90cm Yes
Sam Train No restriction <110 cm Yes
Speedy's Taxis No restriction Yes
Pounce and Bounce 90cm – No Max Yes
WarningNotes on Safety Also, the special effects in some rides, shows or attractions may be too intense for children and some adults. For safety and other reasons, some guests may be restricted from access to certain rides. Please contact Guest Services on +61 7 5573 8380 or use the Contact facility to request more detailed information on each ride.
WeatherWeather Availability of rides, shows and attractions is subject to change, delay, cancellation or closure due to inclement weather, preventative maintenance, refurbishment, or other operational requirements.
MaintenanceMaintenance See Attractions Maintenance for scheduled maintenance and rides, shows or attractions closures. Where possible unforeseen closures are notified by signage at the front gate on the day of closure. Can't find the answer you're after? Ask us on Facebook.