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Arkham Asylum Close

Prepare for a SHOCK! Arkham Asylum. Strap into a High- tech trains featuring electrifying on board audio and rocket through Arkham Asylum at speeds of up to 85km. Race along experienceing awesome upper body freedom like never before. Pull 4.2Gs as you face five stomach-churning inversions on this not to be missed coaster.

Green Lantern Close

The steepest drop in the Southern Hemisphere!

Main Street Close

Movie magic comes to life every day at Warner Bros. Movie World.

Superman Escape Close

Go from zero to 100km an hour in only two seconds on Warner Bros. Movie World powerful rollercoaster, SUPERMAN Escape!

Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster Close

The coaster cars are just like in the Scooby-Doo movie, complete with laser lighting and sound effects!

Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 Close


Wild West Falls Close
The legendary Wild West Falls Adventure Ride combines all the action of the wild west in a thrilling ride adventure with surprises that end in a free fallin’ splashdown!
Looney Tunes Carousel Close

Take a ride around with your favourite Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes Splash Zone Close

Its time to have some fun in the water, with this run in and out water zone

Sylvester & Tweety Cages Close

Fly round in Tweetys Cage

Tijuana Taxis Close

Taxi! Take a spin in your very own Tijuana Taxi

ROAD RUNNER Rollercoaster Close

If running down the road is your idea of having fun, you’ll just love the Roadrunner Rollercoaster.

Yosemite Sam Railroad Close

All aboard the Yosemite Sam Railroad!

Justice League The Ride Close

Grab your laser blaster and join an army of Super Heroes in a 3D battle against the evil villain Starro the Conqueror and millions of his alien spores.

BATWING Spaceshot Close

When it comes to adrenaline thrills, nothing comes close to BATWING Spaceshot. It’s one of the fastest  thrill rides you’ll ever experience.

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