Lights, camera, action! Warner Bros. Movie World truly is Hollywood on the Gold Coast, bursting with a stellar cast of screen legends ready to make your event an award winner.

There's so many things to do - from classic stars of the golden years like Marilyn Monroe to BATMAN and ROBIN, SCOOBY DOO and his gang or all your LOONEY TUNES favourites, Warner Bros. Movie World can call on some of the biggest names to add their unique glamour, style and personality to any occasion.

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  • Corporate Christmas

    Corporate Christmas

    Are you dreaming of a White Christmas for your next Corporate Christmas party?

  • A Spooky Island Adventure

    A Spooky Island Adventure

    Scooby-Doo escorts you to Spooky Castle for some pre-adventure drinks and hors d'oeuvres. The welcoming ceremony continues with fire jugglers, a selection of masked carnival characters and bongo drummers as guests are presented with the traditional island lei. But trouble is brewing.... a demon has kidnapped Daphne! Chase the demons on the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster!


  • Blazing Saddles

    Blazing Saddles

    Before heading west guests are invited for pre-dinner drinks at Boot Hill Graveyard with your creepy undertaker host, Doug Graves.
    Then Banditos muster everyone to Western Town for a high falutin’ Blazing Saddles shindig!
    Good guys and bad guys create the ultimate spaghetti western scene where a wild west cook up of grand proportions is presented in 'gen-u-ine' cowboy style and fun. Up for more? Let the saloon girls take you to the Dirty Harry Bar for more dancing and gambling.


  • Capone’s Little Sicily

    Capone’s Little Sicily

    Your guests witness a fiery battle between underworld giants, with a fun, scripted welcome, written just for your company.
    The Mob settles nerves with pre-dinner drinks and hors d' oeuvres. But a fight breaks out, and the gangsters escape with guests for dinner in a secluded hideout where everyone enjoys a traditional Sicilian dinner featuring antipasto and Mama's favourite recipes. Washed down with some good ol’ fashioned moonshine!

  • Lights Camera Action

    Lights, Camera, Action! Warner Bros. Movie World

    Everyone's a Star in the "Star Pavilion" From cocktails to gala dinners, this is one magical place for your next function. Guests are met on the Red Carpet by some of Movie World's famous faces. Your guests arrival can also be shown on the big screen.

    Then eat, drink and enjoy the Hollywood Tribute show, and kick onto our after party venue, where live bands will play late into the evening.

  • Moroccan Bazaar

    Moroccan Bazaar

    A Berber tribesmen and his camel invite your guests to Rick's Cafe American for an evening Bazaar, where a feast fit for a king awaits!
    The cobbled courtyard is filled with a vibrant exotic market scene. Spicy French Moroccan aromas, loud traditional music, ducks and chickens running loose on the ground are all part of the middle eastern mayhem. Loud chefs will barter and haggle with you to come back for more!

  • The Morning After the Night Before – Breakfast

    The Morning After the Night Before – Breakfast

    As guests make their way into Warner Bros. Movie World the cleaners race over to BUGS BUNNY and TWEETY who are fast asleep in bed at the Fountain of Fame. They both awake and are embarrassed that guests have arrived unexpectedly and they are still in their pyjamas. A lone, friendly, drunken gentleman is asleep on a park bench in Main Street, he is woken by the noise of the guests and tells everyone “I know where the party is!”.


  • Weddings


    Warner Bros. Movie World’s award winning wedding venues and function rooms include Rick’s Café Americain, themed on the movie Casablanca, or the grandeur of Hollywood in Rick’s Dining Room. For something extra special, have your bridal photos taken in a gold limousine accompanied by Bugs Bunny in his tuxedo.